If you are interested in sponsorship for any Cocktails & Couture event, please use the contact form.  We have divided sponsorship up by category to provide exclusivity to brands so there is no overlap.  This provides a unique opportunity for your brands: Our Sponsorship levels let you have an exclusive product category on a first-come-first-listed basis, an excellent way to generate social media buzz about your products, launches and the brand overall. We will have a unique #hashtag for each event so coverage will go live on Twitter as the event unfolds, offering the potential for immediate online advertising and trending to the millions of collective followers these unique online media outlets represent.

All sponsorship levels have the opportunity to have product placement in the gift bag attendees will receive for review/write-up on their websites.  If you are interested in sponsorship we currently have several spots available during major beauty/fashion events over the next 24 months. Please use the contact form if you are interested or for more details.

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